How To Have An Excellent Professional Image

How To Have An Excellent Professional Image

A professional image is more than just dressing correctly and saying a few, well-chosen words. Professional image includes far more than just your business or professional life and life outside work also is a key component of the whole image that you are portraying.

So, to make the best possible impression consider the following areas and apply their contents.

  1. Be very careful with your use of social media. This tells the reader huge amounts about you in a way that you may not necessarily wish to broadcast! To test this out try Googling your name and see what appears – does this conflict with the image that you are trying to portray? Perhaps it might be time to write a clean/sanitised social media profile that just represent the “work” you?
  2. Make sure that your personal life remains personal. This is especially important if you move in fairly restricted or small social circles.
  3. Link with the right people. Make good quality connections and use LinkedIn to set up relationships and a network of relevant and appropriate contacts.
  4. Be positive. Taking a positive attitude towards your tasks and workload is very important and having a similar approach to new projects is equally important as those around you will always look to see what each individual’s reaction is to new ideas or approaches. Always try to present solutions to problems that emerge as this will boost both your popularity and the positive way in which you are judged.
  5. Show respect. People showing a lack of respect are quickly judged and assessed by those around them. Being late, unhelpful, failing to communicate or unwilling to engage are all signs of a particularly poor approach towards respecting your environment. Treat everyone and everything with respect should be the minimum here.
  6. If you promise to do something, do it! The only exceptions to this are unavoidable disasters so that you always act with integrity and can be relied upon.

Good Luck!

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