How To Get Your Management Project Supported

How To Get Your Management Project Supported

  • Relate the project to achievement of strategic goals, directly or indirectly: be clear how what you want to develop fits into the Mission and Strategic objectives of the organisation
  • Demonstrate (or imply) good fit with culture and values, existing and desired: no sensible senior management will EVER take a risk on a project that undermines accepted values and principles
  • Develop a practical project plan: make it clear and simple so that all of the components are visible and transparent
  • Explain the need for a sponsor (and the rewards) and your confidence in your manager for this role: everyone needs to feel wanted so getting your sponsor on-board is a critical success factor in getting approval
  • Deal with any alliances or partnerships that might be needed: know, really know and understand the political landscape so that you can develop key alliances
  • Demonstrate that needed skills are available (or can easily be acquired): this helps “sell” the concept without the need for heavy investment that would put sponsors off the idea!
  • Make sure the resource requirements are manageable and well timed: see above! No additional costs is always an excellent starting point
  • Explain how the results will be sustained: the initial burst of success needs to be maintained and further developed so make sure that this is an integral part of your approach
  • Demonstrate how this project will contribute to organisational learning and competence: the organisation should take the project and get positive spin-offs from its implementation and development

Good Luck!

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