What Are The Basics Of Talent Management?

All organisations need to nurture Talent: there are simply not enough good quality candidates for vacancies out there so the prudent and sensible organisation will look to make the very best of its available and already present human capital.

Talent Management means different things to different organisations but the basics of the approach include:

  1. Having a robust and carefully planned Recruitment and promotion strategy that is clear and effective and which can be justified to any stakeholder.
  2. Designing and following through with well-designed Training and Development Policy that rewards staff for initiative and commitment.
  3. A commitment to Succession Planning that puts the growth and development of both the individual and the organisation at its centre.
  4. Regular effective and systematic Supervision and Appraisal processes.
  5. Transparency and accountability when making decisions about the development and promotion of staff within the organisation.

The difference between a successful organisation and a not so successful organisation, operating in the same sector, will always be down to the way in which human capital is developed and managed.

Good Luck!

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