Need A Career Change?

Need A Career Change?

If you have reached a point where things at work are just not what you wanted or if things have gone just a little bit flat, it is time to make a serious change of direction.

The question is though how do I go about this carefully and successfully so that I get a career that I really want?

  1. Assess your choices: this is full of difficult questions and searches so often the best initial move is to look for something that is perhaps one or two moves away from what you are currently doing. This will give you some degree of comfort while being able to explore new issues or perceptions of your stock trade and skillset.
  2. Get an inside track: speak to people and network with those in the area that you are seeking to get into. Get to know exactly what the industry demands and what you will be expected to do. NEVER go into anything on a whim!
  3. Set up a Plan: set out measurable goals that will get you into your chosen career with a specific focus upon plugging any gaps in your knowledge and expanding out your range of skills.
  4. Identify Options: always set up a back-up plan so that if things do not go the way that you want them to, you have a safety net.
  5. Invest in Qualifications that are TRANSFERABLE: get a broad base of awards under your belt including some high quality generic Management qualifications that will be valued by a range of different employers and industrial sectors.
  6. Expect things to be very, very different: convince yourself that the recruitment process will be a different task compared to what your current sector requires. Are you comfortable in a team? Great, but if the new role is an independent worker than this will create a lot of uncertainty and possible insecurity. You need to be totally sure that you can rise to this challenge and act accordingly!
  7. Develop style flexibility: this will require you to fully understand how Emotional Intelligence work in a variety of different situations especially as you will need to settle into your new career quickly and effectively. Understand how your new stakeholders work in your new working life and especially their approach to decision making and setting priorities. Be prepared to take stock, be honest and be prepared to look for something else if things are not working out!
  8. Being able to VALUE THE BASICS: knowing what is going on a day-to-day basis so that there are no surprises along the way.

Good Luck!

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