How To Manage Early Morning and Late Afternoon Staff

How To Manage Early Morning and Late Afternoon Staff

There has never been a standard workplace in terms of staff who work productively all day long: we all have our own behaviour patterns that lean either towards having productive mornings and less productive afternoons (Morning people) and vice versa (Afternoon people). We all have our own Chronotype, which determines our productive times and phases.

Our internal body clock regulates this: activity patterns are very closely linked into performance.

This inevitably means looking carefully at the output and work of each individual carefully so that the balance is right and that the organisation gets the outputs it needs. Different energy peaks should be geared to specific tasks and routines whereas standard production outputs favour assembling a team of similar body clock mechanics.

In nature extremes are rare but it is at least worth considering who to allocate tasks to consider when is the best time to get these accomplished.

Good Luck!

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