How To Become A Savvy And Skilful Manager

How To Become A Savvy And Skilful Manager

To succeed in the management world, you need to develop and continually practice the following three skills:

  1. Networking: knowing who holds the real power in the organisation and who can deliver the greatest level of influence in both the short and long term. If you want to make things really happen then you must know these people and be known by them.
  2. Use Emotional Intelligence: develop and fine-tune your skills at summing up those around you get into their heads and really understand their motivational drivers. Savvy managers using Emotional Intelligence stand out from the crowd because they are attentive and insightful.
  3. Courage and risk-taking: you must be prepared to fail, often and in small ways to learn how to be a success. Issues, situations and problems are rarely clear, and you cannot be right all the time! Also, your intuition and judgement will not be right all the time and will take you down a path that you might regret later BUT if you take no risks then you will achieve nothing.

Good Luck!

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