Am I An Ethical Leader?

Am I An Ethical Leader

Leaders face many challenges in performing their duties: the most dangerous obstacles are personal weakness and self-interest.

Pressure comes in many different forms:

  • Pressure to cut costs
  • Pressure to increase profits
  • Pressure to meet the increasing demands of customers
  • Pressure to keep suppliers committed
  • Pressure to be seen to be successful
  • Pressure to retain and develop staff

There also is an overemphasis on trying to meet the needs of shareholders which creates a strong temptation to act unethically to achieve this. Even meeting short-term goals can result in some poor managerial behaviour and performance.

Leaders set the ethical climate and acting as a role model for others.  Good ethical leaders keep the focus on staff and customers and will focus in the right way on key tasks.

The Ethical Leader The Unethical Leader
Possesses Humility Arrogant and self-serving
Maintains a concern for the greater good Excessively promotes self-interest
Honest and straightforward Practices deception to a fine art
Fulfils commitments Breaches agreements
Strives for fairness Deals unfairly
Takes responsibility Shifts the blame to others
Shows respect for everyone Diminishes the dignity of others
Encourages and develops others Neglects the development of their staff
Serves others Withholds help and support
Shows courage to champion what is right Lacks courage to confront unjust behaviour

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