Why Selective Communication Styles Are Important

Why Selective Communication Styles Are Important

Broadly speaking, communication in the workplace boils down to a clear difference between aggressive communication styles, which generally do little to create good working relationships and a softer, more skilful model, where the focus is upon delivering meaningful dialogue and strong working relationships.

Look at the content and identify which one is you and then consider what you might do to shift the balance in what you are doing.

  1. Using conversation to preserve independence and status by demonstrating knowledge and skill.
  2. Being more direct and seeking to build a positive impression by being decisive.
  3. Talking a lot on meetings and social gatherings with the aim of creating a positive impression by being dominant.
  4. Adopting an intimidating stance when facing differences and driving forward to “win” arguments.

Points 1 to 4 annoy and irritate others!

  1. Using talk to build rapport, listening carefully and being supportive.
  2. Putting an emphasis upon politeness above all else, even when communication is difficult and problematic.
  3. Speaking less in meetings than others but using non-verbal communication to create a positive impression (nodding) and being reflective.
  4. Being conciliatory when confronting differences to maintain and further develop relationships.

Points 5 to 8 win over people and will enhance your personal brand.

Reflect and adopt your style accordingly to get the very best out of every communication opportunity.

Good Luck!

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