Five Simple Steps To Motivate Your Staff

Five Simple Steps To Motivate Your Staff

  1. Skill Variety; the way in which you design the tasks staff carry out so that there is a range of different activities needed that draw upon a range of skills and talents.
  2. Task Identity: how the job requires the completion of a whole and identifiable piece of work. Seeing something through to its conclusion.
  3. Task significance: knowing that the task staff are doing has a substantial impact upon the work routines of others – seeing that there is a significance to what people are doing.
  4. Autonomy: the degree to which the job gives freedom, independence and discretion when the tasks are being scheduled and decided upon.
  5. Feedback: how much information are you providing on the actual results of each team member’s activity? Nothing saps energy, enthusiasm and motivation like having no real idea how we are all doing!

Good Luck!

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