Why Stress Awareness Is Important For Managers

Why Stress Awareness Is Important For Managers

All managers need to harness the power and commitment of their staff resources which are traditionally not fully developed, mainly because managers lack the real skills to get the most from their human resources.

What needs to be the focus here is in achieving the highest possible level of involvement in the work and development of the organisation by its staff.

This should be done carefully so that the demands of the job DO NOT intrude into the family and social lives of the employees with a particular focus on work-life balance.

Managers need therefore to make a clear distinction between Pressure and Stress: aiming for a team of Workaholics is not the best plan.

How do we distinguish between Pressure and Stress?

Some staff, managers included, perform best when under pressure which can be related to the volume of work, work responsibility or a combination of the two. Other managers and staff may react in a very different way and their inability to cope with pressure resulting in stress. What makes this a problem is that stressed managers will then transmit these feelings to their immediate circle which can then set off a chain-reaction in their staff.

Managers need to act as shock-absorbers to counter-balance pressures and to ensure staff are as productive as possible.

What MUST happen is for management to diagnose stress and to take actions in such situations to ensure that the work gets done rather than having staff ill or working at an inefficient level.

What is evident, across a range of different business sectors, is that stress is on the increase and there is a continual need to make sure that managerial styles do not become styles that deliver harassment and bullying bringing into focus the legal duty of care owed by employers to employees.

Good Luck!

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