How To Improve My Personal Effectiveness

How To Improve My Personal Effectiveness

How can I make more of an impact and raise my profile?

  • Concern with impact: making sure that your Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) are met, having a positive input to what is going on. Are you an effective leader of people?
  • Diagnostic use of concepts: understanding your role and identifying issues and problems so that performance can flow and goals are achieved.
  • Efficiency orientation: aiming to be as cost-effective as possible and using resources as carefully and efficiently as you can. Good use of time is an example of this.
  • Proactivity: getting out there before issues and problems arise. It is hard to predict the future but you should at least have one eye upon what is going on and what might happen. Plan ahead of time!
  • Self-confidence: understanding yourself and your job which are then managed internally to deliver your goals.
  • Managing group processes: understanding how teams work. If you do not know this or understand how teams work, find out! How can your team be better managed to deliver more volume with greater quality.
  • Use of socialised power: using your relationship skills to get tasks done and that staff are motivated. Creating a harmonious working environment to achieve as many goals as possible.
  • Perceptual objectivity: looking at situations in a detached manner putting aside personal opinions and reference points.
  • Self-control: being calm and measured when conflicts and problems emerge.
  • Stamina and adaptability: developing a flexible management style and personal approach towards working with people and resources.

The management environment is continually changing – your challenge is to use the above pointers to make sure that whatever happens you always look carefully about how effective you are.

Good Luck!

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