How To Communicate YOUR Vision

How To Communicate YOUR Vision

  1. Keep it simple: keep the message focused and jargon-free.
  2. Use metaphors and images to get the message across: this will allow the receiver to engage their imagination and then buy into the message.
  3. Use a variety of communication types: the same message communicated in any number of different media. It is all about getting the message out there!
  4. Repeat the message: keep pushing the same message out there so that people recognise it.
  5. Lead by example: make sure that your own personal style brings the Vision to life. If your Vision is all about quality and reliability then make sure that your actions are a living, practical example of the Vision.
  6. Resolve any small inconsistences along the way: make sure that staff see this happening so that the vision remains on-focus.
  7. Listen hard: you should always be listening to what is going on around you. Your efforts here will always pay you dividends and influence.

Good Luck!

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