How To REALLY Motivate Staff Quickly And Effectively

How To REALLY Motivate Staff Quickly And Effectively

  1. Involve your member of staff actively and openly in setting their goals and targets.
  2. Set realistic goals – it is good if these are stretching but they must be realistic!
  3. Meet and reset goals when conditions beyond everyone’s control change or when they prove to be unachievable due to unrealistic assumptions.
  4. Set goals that can always be measured in tangible ways such as with a financial value or a measureable output volume.
  5. Link the goal setting process to these targets.
  6. Make sure that there is regular feedback on performance so that the targets can be checked or amended as necessary – never wait until the end of the year or reporting period to find out that the targets will not be met!
  7. If there are shortfalls in the target make sure that you recognise this and meet regularly to establish the best course of action needed.
  8. Give positive feedback and suggestions around meeting any shortfalls.
  9. Always give public praise for goals being achieved!

Good Luck!

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