How To Write A Successful And Effective Business Proposal

How To Write A Successful And Effective Business Proposal

Whether you are looking to get approval from inside the organisation for a new project or development or if you are bidding for new work from an external client, producing an excellent Business Proposal is essential in achieving your goal.

Your total drive MUST be towards making your document as appealing and as impressive as possible so that it stands out from the other documents that may be submitted that will be competing with yours and to make it as easy as possible for your target so say a resounding “Yes!”.

The following Three Essentials should always be in the Proposal and effectively will make it clear what you are seeking to do:

  1. Define your Problem Statement: what issue or problem is your Proposal going to solve or move forward? Be very clear here using basic but evaluative language – “Reducing waste and scrap working on the X Production line” sets out neatly and concisely what your document is all about.
  2. Proposed Solution: what are your suggestions for resolving the problem, backed up by some detailed discussion of the problem, its impact and your approach in solving the issues? This is where your expertise and knowledge should shine through with a persuasive and well-written section.
  3. Pricing Information: how much will your Proposal cost? Always accompany this with a breakdown of what will be saved by implementing your Proposal so that the reader can see that the expenditure needed will be repaid and will lead to ongoing and systematic future savings!

Good Luck!

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