Four Pillars Of Successful Sales

Four Pillars Of Successful Sales

Selling is an Art, never a Science because if it was we could programme a robot to do the selling tasks for any organisation.

It is a personal Art but, regardless of the product or service concerned, it is built upon Four Pillars which, if considered and managed carefully, can be a route to regular sales success:

Skills: am I getting in front of the right people and once there can I open the door to successful sales? Do I have the right skills to have the right conversations so that the Buyer will actually buy from me? Once the conversation is flowing, can I bring the sales process to a Close situation and secure the contract?

Staff: organisations need the right staff with the right skills. It is the habits and mind-sets of the sales force that give maximum sales results hence on a personal and on a team level we need to be sure that this is as sharp and focused as it can be. Being self-aware is essential in this process as is the desire to be the very best that you can be and continually having this in the forefront of your approach and technique. Be willing to fail IF you can learn and develop from the process!

Systems/Incentives: what are your own personal incentives and what incentives are on offer from your organisation for success? What coaching do you need and what is on offer from the organisation? What techniques can you devise to continually keep your focus on the end result?

Strategies: what is the sales culture of your organisation? Does your organisation attract good people and are there significant numbers of staff leaving on a regular basis? What coaching and mentoring opportunities are there for development and are the lessons that sales staff learn in the field being shared amongst the wider Team?

Good Luck!

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