7 Essential Management Skills

7 Essential Management Skills

To really succeed and develop your management career use the 7 Skills below to make a positive impact and to get the recognition you deserve:

Be Innovative: take some (calculated) risks in the areas that you manage, put creativity and the centre of what you are doing and develop flexible working structures that can adapt to a changing work environment.

Be Challenging: disrupt the standard and well-trodden path of just merely getting things done, set up new systems, bring in new customers and fresh suppliers to enliven what your organisation/department does.

Be Outcome-Orientated: have a focus upon results and never take your attention away from the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you and your Team are working to.

Be Stable where necessary: keep the administrative systems that your organisation runs in your mind so that others can rely upon you and your Team to deliver timely and accurate information.

Be People-Centred: have a focus upon your staff and wherever possible allow the staff to get involved and actually make decisions.

Be Team-Centred: encourage collaboration and co-operation for teams but also within social groupings in the workplace as this will create a sense of team spirit and belonging.

Be Detail-Focused: go for precision, analysis and a clear drive for an attention to detail, both in your own strategy and that of your Team. Be recognised as someone who can always be relied upon to give solid and reliable opinions/information when required to do so.

Good Luck!

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