Do I Actually Sell My Vision?

Do I Actually Sell My Vision? 

We all want to know where we are travelling to and what the organisation/department/team is set up to achieve. The problem is however that many people have only a very cloudy and uncertain view of what this might actually be!

It is your job as a manager to set out and sell the Vision that is to be followed and poor management falls into the trap of just assuming that staff are on-board, are committed and actually see the direction of travel.

Some sharp self-review questions:

  1. Do you work hard and consistently in selling and communicating your Vision or do you just assume that staff know what it might be?
  2. Do you really understand that staff must appreciate and accept the Vision at an emotional as well as at a practical level? Nobody will ever follow a Vision unless both of these parameters are fully met.
  3. Do you fully understand the culture of your organisation/team and how this then impacts upon performance and achievement of the Vision? What are the norms of the workplace, what is said and not said, what formal and informal rules exist and who follows what and why?
  4. Do you see “blind-alleys” and are you surprised when tasks fail? If you cannot see this then you are in some degree of difficulty.

Good Luck!

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