Do I Actually Lead By Example?

Do I Actually Lead By Example? 

We all want to be led and managed by people who actually live out the examples and strategies that they communicate to us.

Sadly few managers and leaders actually do this although the think, and state, that they do!

So, looking at yourself in the mirror and being totally honest, how are you doing? 

  1. Is there a solid connect between the words that you say and the actions that you deliver?
  2. Do you take full responsibility for organisational shortcomings and problems, even though you were not directly responsible for the issues that have been raised? (There is little or no point hiding behind a screen or shrugging your shoulders – as a leader or manager you should never do this!).
  3. In times of difficulty or stress amongst the team do you roll up your sleeves and get fully involved to help out, or do you prefer o bark instructions from the side-lines, offering cold comfort and vague support?
  4. Do you frequently, and with candour, look at yourself, your performance and how others, both above and below you in the organisational chart, perceive you and your outputs?

We can all do better but very few of us actually consider scientifically how we come across and what we can do better.

Leading by example is something we can all improve upon, no matter how good we think we are at it!

Good Luck!

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