Why We All Need Self-Confidence

Why We All Need Self-Confidence

We all need self-confidence – nobody can survive in any meaningful way without some degree of belief in their own self-confidence n ability and their skills in interacting with people or colleagues.

Self-confidence increases our own performance in every area of our life but it is very important to be sensitive to not become overbearing or annoying to those around us. It is not enough to be merely self-confident internally within yourself – this needs to be transmitted to those around us, so projection is a major factor here. This can be accomplished through clarity of words used, maintaining a strong and open posture and the use of appropriate gestures.

Self-confidence involves behaviours and norms of interaction. This is mainly seen when we act cool and calm under pressure: maintaining composure when the situation around you is very difficult on occasions but we will always remember those who can master this approach.  The skill here is all about keeping others calm around you when the stakes are high and the danger of failure is very real.

If your self-confidence is under-cooked you will impress no-one: if your self-confidence is over stated or amplified too much you will alienate many and find it very difficult to recover from the negative perceptions that you have created!

Good Luck!

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