Why Disciplinary Control Is Important in Management

Why Disciplinary Control Is Important in Management

The primary focus of a disciplinary process within an organisation is to ensure that standards of behaviour are maintained so that effective and efficient business can take place.

Any behaviour that has an adverse impact on the work of colleagues and the wider success of the organisation needs to be addressee quickly and effectively. This will almost certainly involve an education process where staff should be able to understand and then carry out standard and norms that are expected within the area: unless the employee is to be dismissed then the aim has to be to change that behaviour set so that it becomes acceptable.

This needs to be carried out in a fair and objective manner as it is not just the behaviour of the individual that is important; the attitudes and behaviours of those around them will also be considerably influenced by what happens.

Areas to consider BEFORE considering any kind of disciplinary actions:

  • Levels of cost-effective performance seen in the organisation – for example is sloppy timekeeping having an impact upon productivity and is the arrival and departure times being exploited unfairly?
  • Quality standards – is output falling below what is needed?
  • Customer Service – what is the position here and how is poor attitude impacting upon satisfaction levels, repeat business and arras of lost business?
  • How are Disciplinary processes seen and judged in the workplace? Are they a bit of a joke because they are not enforced and they are effectively ignored?
  • How strictly are Health and Safety Procedures followed and how many “near misses” have there been in recent times?
  • Are levels of absence and sickness impacting negatively in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of the operation or service?

Weaknesses in the disciplinary process are often indicators of failings and shortcomings in other managerial areas of the organisation, so it is very important to consider what these are before looking at a refresh in terms of applying disciplinary processes.

Tread carefully but be prepared to use recognised disciplinary processes in a fair and objective manner when required to do so.

Good Luck!

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