How To Be Assertive

How To Be Assertive

Being an Assertive Manager is a very good skill to possess but this needs to be done in such a way that it gets the best from your staff without running the risk of alienating them and making them feel pressured or demotivated.

Try the following Tips to develop and refine your Assertion Skills:

  • Concentrate on Facts and not Feelings as this will keep your objective focus
  • Concentrate on Issues and not Personalities as this will remove any bias that you might have regarding tasks and performance
  • Use a style of questioning that is geared towards finding out information and uses a conversational approach or technique
  • Phrasing conversations in a neutral way which then keeps your options open when you then ask more detailed follow-up questioning
  • Avoiding leading statements or questions that then discourage staff from asking more questions and getting more clarification
  • Paying very close attention to voice tone and volume

Always be very careful to recognise both your own rights as a manager and the rights of your staff in developing and delivering an assertive but effective managerial style. Being direct, honest and open are the keys to success here.

Good Luck!

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