How To Overcome Objections

How To Overcome Objections

You carefully identify your prospective customer and set out how you will make your pitch with the product or service that you totally know is right for them.

Things initially go well and then you are faced with several Objections that prevent you from making the sale.

How can you deal with this situation?

Step 1: To listen carefully, sincerely, with undivided attention to what is being said. The devil, as they say, is in the detail here.

Step 2: Repeat the objection back, in a slightly different form, making it clear that you have carefully listened to the Objection.

Step 3: Provide new evidence or information without offending the prospect – this is where your careful listening skills come in.

Step 4: Answer the objection

  • Convert the objection into a question: Why do you consider the product to be too expensive or what other features were you looking for?
  • Use testimonials or 3rd party experiences: we have sold this successfully to Company X for several years and they have used it to expand and develop their customer base.
  • Use positive conversion techniques: focus upon the positives of both the product/service offer and the positive cues you get from the prospect.
  • Use comparisons: prospects will always be making comparisons with other products/services so do your homework and get to understand what is in the mind of the buyer.

It is tempting to think that Objections will mean the end of the dialogue but the reality is that this is only a stage in the whole process – never be put off when Objections emerge as this gives you a fresh opportunity to refresh your pitch and continue with the dialogue.

Better to have Objections rather than a flat “NO!”

Good Luck!

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