Effective Decision-Making Skills For Sales and Marketing Managers

  • Eye for detail: fully understand as much of the detail as possible so that you can answer questions and close Objections quickly and effectively.
  • Risk aversion: being prepared to take some risks and push your approach/strategy to make an in-road into the prospect’s buying process.
  • Customer and market knowledge: ALWAYS know the prospect, their company and their marketplace positioning.
  • Experience: learn from your interactions when it is right to push, when it is right to give the prospect more time and, very importantly, when it is time to walk away.
  • Communication: be very polished at this skill, recognizing your own positioning but also the verbal and non-verbal responses from the other party.
  • Analytical: assess and measure what is going on right now but also have an eye for the detail about the history of dealings with each prospect/company that you meet.
  • Adaptability: never stick to one method, even if this is reasonably successful. Good sales professionals have a range of strategies that they are continually developing and fine-tuning to get maximum leverage and results.

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