Managing – A Simple Four Point Plan For Success

Managing – A Simple Four Point Plan For Success

There are many myths surrounding how to run a successful Department, Team or Business but the entire range of models and ideas boil down to managing carefully and systematically the following factors:

  1. Objectives; what exactly are you trying to achieve? If this is unclear your chances of being successful are severely limited from the beginning. Try always to deliver a reputation for quality and reliability and embed this into your Objectives. Everything else flows from this point.
  2. People: people make the difference between a good organisation/team/business and the rest of the competition. Recruit wisely and carefully, train and develop your people and always seek their views and opinions.
  3. Technology: embrace this openly when it will give you competitive advantage and your customers, however they might be defined, gain benefit from its use. Never just get the latest technology for the sheer hell of it unless it will work well for you.
  4. Business Processes: always look critically and objectively at the ways in which your working practices are structured. Can they be improved? What is holding back improvements in quality? What are your staff telling you about what works and more importantly what is not working? Are the processes adding value or just cost?

All of the points above are inter-related but by continually improving performance in these areas your chances of success improve dramatically.

Good Luck!

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