Basic Rules For Writing  A Management Report

Basic Rules For Writing  A Management Report

Hundreds of Management Reports are written every day and are circulated around huge numbers of organisations, small, medium and large sized organisations where readers will examine the contents, possibly do something with the contents BUT there will always be some form of critical appraisal of not what you produce but HOW it has been written.

Paying attention to the following pointers should help you avoid the most common pitfalls: 

  • Correct use of technical terms at all times – nothing annoys a reader like having technical terms that are vague or even wrong
  • Attention to detail in punctuation, grammar, etc. This can quickly become a pet hate and the reader never gets beyond the imaginary red pen, carving up your work without even reading its content.
  • Attention to use of typographic design (white space, layout, headings styles) which should be used in such a way to make the text accessible and interesting to wade into.
  • Ability to structure and convey a clear and coherent argument, including attention to the use of ‘signposting’ devices such as headings to make the structure accessible
  • Writing in a suitable style that represents the gravitas of the document – flippant and “cheery” tones in a document accompanying the Annual Financial Report.

Good Luck!

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