Assessing My Employability Skills

Assessing My Employability Skills

We rarely sit down to think about how our employability skills are being developed (unless we see a job advertised and then decide to apply for it!).

What we should all be doing, on a regular basis, is having some quality self-review time where we can map out exactly how we are doing and what we might do to fill any gaps in our development.

This can sound like a long-winded process but it can be done very effectively by focusing upon the following areas which are central to any employer looking to recruit into vacant positions.

There are six sections to this analysis:

  1. Business Awareness: how commercially savvy and knowledgeable are you? Do you understand business models and approaches, the concept of Profit and Expenditure and your ability to contribute to continual improvement in the organisation?
  2. Solving problems: where is your eye for detail and your ability to spot problems before they actually become problems?
  3. Thinking critically: can you see beyond just the immediate situation and suggest new, better and more profitable ways of carrying out tasks? Do you just take situations at face value or do you delve into the issues to find alternative, and better, ways of doing things?
  4. Team working: how good are you at working as part of a team? Are you a team player and can you manage a team? What areas for improvement can you identify in this area?
  5. Communicating: we all think we are experts at this but how good are you in reality? Which communication mediums are you more comfortable with and why? What areas do you need to further develop to make the right impression?
  6. Self-management: this is a very important area of development activity that many people ignore. Are you organised and can you deal with multiple tasks/projects at the same time? Do you systematically use data and information to make reasoned and sound decisions? What would your colleagues and superiors say about the manner in which you conduct yourself? Are you happy about the way you manage your working and professional relationships?

By reflecting regularly on your successes and the learning that you complete (not just courses and training but actually learning by doing your tasks successfully) you can record your progress and be aware of how your employability skills are developing.

Good Luck!

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