How To Be Brilliant At Customer Service

How To Be Brilliant At Customer Service

All organisations should always be continually striving to improve their Customer service focus often the difference between a successful and unsuccessful organisation lies in the way in which it treats its customers.

This involves the whole organisation and not just the staff that deal directly with the customer and it must involve managers at all levels.

This is far more than just a banner-waving activity and something just slotted into a standard Meeting Agenda as good quality customer service works to improve ALL aspects of the business.

A basic but effective approach to delivering improvements in Customer Service involves the following stages:

  1. Ask your customers what they want! This will tell you where improvements are needed, what actually is important and what is just either irrelevant or is just seen as window-dressing. This will also identify what standards of performance are needed and valued by customers.
  2. Measure your current standards: do you actually know how good your current standards are?
  3. Define new standards: this comes from seeking the views of your customers and then altering the Offer and what you do to better meet these needs. This MAY throw up some painful and uncomfortable lessons which you might prefer to ignore BUT it will bring you closer to business success.
  4. Involve all staff: the more staff involved in the process the better the end result of loyal customers will seem. By improving the effectiveness and efficiency of staff not directly involved with direct customer contact the levels of satisfaction from your customers will increase.
  5. Investing training and development in your people: explaining exactly what your Mission and Objectives actually are, rather than just assuming that staff know what they are, makes a direct contribution to the value that your customers place in you. Spend time in getting the basics right such as the core skills of letter-writing, telephone skills and the best ways to use social media effectively.

Always remember that it is very expensive to find customers so the most successful organisations are those that retain and develop them!

Good Luck!

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