The CREATE Model of Management Success

The CREATE Model of Management Success

Try using the following guide to deliver management success:

Challenging – set high expectations of all your staff and make sure that they are consistently being challenged to deliver more through skills development and growth in their competences.

Responsive – be proud to proclaim that you rise to the challenges delivered by the market, your customers and your competition. Be relentless in your drive to review and evolve your offer.

Engaging – use evidence and data to show, and inform others, how your organisation reflects diverse contexts and operational settings. Be proud of the degree of flexibility you offer. Tell customers and staff this all the time.

Assessment – be innovative and use varied methods of assessing your performance is NOT just about the bottom line, important though this is. Think of metrics that show how good you are at resolving customer queries, how quickly you respond to issues and complaints, how many sales enquiries you respond to within a day. Think carefully and celebrate your successes.

Technology – invest in the best that will give you the greatest return and which will also bring the largest benefits for your customers. Never be afraid to invest here if it will generate better customer relationships and new areas of business.

Excellence – if you are not committed to this, what exactly are you doing? Whatever it is, it is NOT about growing the business.

Use all the above and watch your customers grow!

Good luck!

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