Five Essential Team Competencies

There are a number of key competencies to make up an effective team. Those operating within the team should display the following five competencies:

  1. Goal Setting and Performance Management: Team members must have the ability to establish and execute specific and challenging objectives in addition to monitoring and evaluating performance towards meeting them.
  2. Planning and Coordination: tight coordination and synchronisation of activities, information and resources in order to accomplish goals.
  3. Collaborative Problem Solving: recognising group participation in dealing with issues and involving all in searching for alternatives and devising solutions
  4. Communication: the wheels of team working need to be continually moving through positive and open communication strategies. Members speak their minds, ask questions seek and provide feedback and make skilful presentations.
  5. Conflict Resolution: the team must know how to manage and resolve disagreements. Even in the most cohesive of teams, conflicts will inevitably arise.

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