How Can I Make Tough Or Difficult Choices?

How Can I Make Tough Or Difficult Choices?

We all make decisions on a daily basis but these are very simple ones that require very little thought or consideration of the outcomes: the larger, more complex decisions have major implications for the future and carry with them high degrees of risk and uncertainty.

How can we make this process a little easier and a whole lot less scary?

  1. Gather facts, BUT not all of the facts, and never delay in making the decision: the trick here is to have enough information to make the decision but not so much information that there are too many things to consider. Putting off decisions will only allow what was once a relatively small issue to become a huge issue! Waiting around never actually improves the quality of the final decision and can result in lost time, money and missed opportunity.
  2. If there is too much to consider in terms of options, narrow your choices. There can be too many good alternatives out there so eliminating some of them allows you to make a better decision more quickly.
  3. It is not always possible to achieve a positive outcome; the chances of success do, however, increase if you have a sound and well-reasoned strategy for selecting an option from a range of possibilities.

Good Luck!

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