How Can I Avoid Being Biased?

How Can I Avoid Being Biased?

Bias is the enemy of good quality and reliable decision making.

We all have a bias for any given situation but being aware of this, and thinking around our preferences and beliefs, will mean we make better decisions because they are more logical, balanced and objective.

The following Biases should be avoided at all costs:

  • Am I considering actual evidence and data or am I just hanging onto my prior beliefs? Be tough-minded and weigh up all of the evidence and never look for data that just supports your original view.
  • Am I being too confident? This is a particular problem for experienced decision makers who rely on just their instincts rather than a wider review of available information and data.
  • Are events connected or are they just chance happenings? Never attribute trends to one single event – if sales are particularly good on one week in the year this does not mean they will be in any other week in the year!

By recognising this inner bias you will rise above the immediate facts and information and see the bigger picture, therefore making a better decision.

Good Luck!

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