What Things Are Included In A Simple Management Checklist

What Things Are Included In A Simple Management Checklist

You have the management job, it appears to be going well but your manager seems either a little slow at giving you some feedback on your performance or they are just too busy to offer this.

That can create some stress in terms of waiting for a formal opportunity to receive feedback and it will set your nerves jangling a little. What unpleasant issues on performance might they bring up?

The following pointers below would appear in any manager’s assessment of their staff – critically assess how things are going, and how you are managing your area, using the list below:

  1. Levels of staff turnover
  2. The incidence of sickness in your group
  3. Is absenteeism a major problem and does it prevent good output?
  4. Timekeeping performance amongst your staff
  5. Accidents in the workplace
  6. Meeting deadlines
  7. The accuracy of the work being produced
  8. The level of complaints from customers, both internal and external
  9. Quality Standards – are they being followed?
  10. Productivity levels – do they meet the target set?

If your performance meets the above then it is very likely that you are managing a very productive Department but remember that very positive performance in ALL of the areas above ALL of the time is unlikely!

Good Luck!

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