The Four Pillars Of Successful Selling

The Four Pillars Of Successful Selling

Good sales professionals fully understand that the art of good business is all about creating a desire in the Buyer to make that decision to purchase because they want to have your product or service. Nobody likes being beaten into a position where they feel obliged to buy, are effectively bullied into buying or where the pressure of the sales pitch is such that they buy because they simply feel that is the best way to stop the interaction.

Good sales professionals get repeat business because the Buyer is comfortable with the arrangements, feels valued and is a willing participant in the process.

Effective sales performance is built around the following Pillars:

  1. Skills: have I got the skills to be in front of the right people who make the decisions and if not can I open that door? Can I have the right conversations that will excite the Buyer and very importantly d I have the skills to close the sale quickly, effectively but carefully?
  2. Staff: organisations need the right staff with the right skills. Having the right habits and the right mindset are critically important in this process as is good quality self-awareness and the desire of the Seller to be the very best that they can be.
  3. Systems and processes: what Incentive plans are in operation, what coaching is available (and to what quality!) and are there structured sales approaches and techniques that should be used within the organisation?
  4. Strategies: what is the culture of the sales organisation? This should be set up so that it attracts good people whilst encouraging weaker people to leave).

Once the above factors have been worked through a clear picture should then emerge of how the company will approach the Buyer and the type(s) of interaction needed to make selling more of a relationship exercise.

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