How To Get The Most From Your Staff

How To Get The Most From Your Staff

Good management is all about getting the most from your staff so that they willingly take on more responsibility, get more involved in the business, deliver a better product or service and make suggestions that seek to improve the quality of your work.

There are many other measures of satisfied staff that you can identify for yourself BUT the key to success here lies with following some basic steps in how you interact and deal with those who you manage. The steps are as follows:

  1. Give recognition and credit: identify good work and praise it accordingly.
  2. Fair and equitable treatment: make sure everyone gets the same attention and support all of the time, every time.
  3. Have an emphasis upon end-results. If performance is good and outcomes are what was needed make sure that feedback is given accordingly.
  4. Work towards having staff and customer satisfaction built around the same outcomes so that both groups are content at the same time.
  5. See individuals as individuals: give positive feedback and offer positive action as support to meet the needs of each team member.
  6. Get involved in what is going on, share problems, work collaboratively and be available for staff when they need you.
  7. Show consideration, respect and trust. Everyone wants to feel that they matter and that they are important.

Working towards the steps above will show your staff that they are important and in return they will see that you are an important team resource.

Good Luck!

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