Why Did I Have A Bad Interview?

Why Did I Have A Bad Interview? 

Sometimes the Interview that we thought went well did not turn out as expected and the job offer does not come.

This can be a demotivating and frustrating experience and something that makes you unsure of your approach to the next Interview.

The trick here is to reflect upon your performance and then modify the approach for the next Interview.

Below are some of the most common reasons why the Interview did not go as you hoped:

  • Poor appearance: did you look as presentable as possible and did your image get in the way of your message?
  • Being nervous and lacking in confidence: Interviews can be stressful but this can be made easier through practice but mainly by being prepared to discuss what is in your application.
  • Did you express yourself clearly and effectively? Poor choice of language and a weak and ineffective style of speaking often get in the way of the positive message that you want to put over.
  • A ‘know it all’ approach: did you present yourself as perhaps a little aggressive or that your message was just too strong? It is always tempting to over-compensate for nerves by being too confident or loud!
  • Did you seem disinterested or could you have been more enthusiastic?
  • Did you explain what your career plans are and what milestones you have set yourself for career progression and personal development?

If things in the Interview process do not work out the way that you expected it is very important to reflect on your performance and then use this to modify and improve for the next time.

Good Luck!

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