How To Make An Excellent First Impression

How To Make An Excellent First Impression 

We make judgements in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone – judgements that last and are hard to change and reverse. 

If it is an interview, meeting a client for the first time or just networking, the importance of a strong, positive first impression cannot be overlooked.

The following five pointers should form the basis of your preparation and delivery. 

Sight: looking smart, smiling and making positive eye contact.

Sound: have a friendly greeting, prepare what to say think about how you say it.

Smell: be aware of personal hygiene, always have clean clothes and shoes.

Personal style: using appropriate language and behaviour to create a good impression.

Touch: have a confident and firm handshake and always be fully aware of personal space.

People always remember the first time they meet people and make solid and lasting judgements, upon the pointers above.

Good Luck!

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