Why Am I Not Liked?

Why Am I Not Liked? 

We all want to be liked – there are very few amongst us who do not have that desire for warmth and affection from our peers, friends and family. This is also true of the management role: sometimes we might need to be a little removed or aloof from what is going on but for the majority of the time the job does require close working relationships with your staff and the wider organisation.

To put it bluntly, likeable people get more from their staff rather than those who do not have this approach or do just not see its value.

The following pointers should help you to develop or fine-tune your approach here as we instinctively like those who we have sound reason to believe they will:

  1. Support an open, honest and loyal relationship
  2. Offer some degree of valuable support by being emotionally accessible
  3. Provide unconditional, positive regard and acceptance
  4. Be prepared to experience some difficulty, hardship or sacrifice if the relationship demands this
  5. Provide important social reinforcement through empathy or sympathy
  6. Be comfortable with the social exchanges that are needed to maintain and develop that relationship

A good starting point here is to assess, honestly and frankly, how you measure up to the points above coupled with a critical view on the relationships that you have around you.

Good Luck!

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