How To Organise An Excellent Team

How To Organise An Excellent Team

Positive management can transform an average team into one that is truly high-performing.

The following steps will help you to get there:

  • Set up a mission and vision statements that are clearly written and understood by everyone in the team. This then allows the team to understand what they are doing and how this then contributes to the wider organisation.
  • Create a Team Charter that defines the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the team. This can include targets, expectations and milestones in performance terms.
  • Use Management By Objectives (MBO): set targets, review them regularly, provide feedback and encourage excellence.
  • Always reflect on how your approach and attitude impacts upon morale and output. This also includes the quality and reliability of the team’s outputs regardless if this is a physical product or a service function.
  • Keep everyone informed on developments: information creates a sense of belonging and involvement in the wider organisation. This also builds trust and stimulates strong, reliable working relationships.
  • Give people autonomy: the freedom to make decisions and develop new ways of working are always strong factors that promote and deliver a strong sense of ownership and involvement in the task.

Good Luck!

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