Designing Your Own Management Standards

Designing Your Own Management Standards

Every manager, just like every individual on the planet, have their own standards and behaviours. This is something that we develop as our careers grow and as our experiences shape the decisions we make.

We all reflect on things that went well and things that did not go the way we planned them, all of which helps to shape our management style. There are some general topics that can help us to refine our approach and style that all managers can practice.

  • Clarity of Mind: being aware of the reality of the situation that you find yourself in. This involves thinking around the immediate problem and trying to break down issues but keeping a firm focus upon the end goal that you want to achieve. Having a deep understanding of issues and problems keeps this clarity of mind on the path you decide: having limited or little knowledge of a subject means that you will never have clarity of mind around the issue you are facing.
  • Clarity of Objectives: a clear focus upon the result that you are working towards. This involves having a vision of what the future looks like and knowing how you will get to that point. By continually focusing and defining the outcome that you are chasing means that you regularly focus more sharply on your desired outcome.
  • Organising yourself to achieve your Objectives: there will always be a gap between what you want to achieve and where you currently stand. The trick here is to identify how and when you will move along this path and bridge the gap between the two points. Good managers allow the vision of wat they want to achieve to pull reality forward through effective and efficient planning and delivery of tasks. (Weaker management will lower their target so that reality gets closer to this watered-down version of the goal, often settling for something that is less desirable and much less satisfying).

Be determined to success and use the three points identified above to achieve your goals.

Good Luck!

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