How To Find Personal Courage As A Manager

How To Find Personal Courage As A Manager

The task of management is rarely easy and if it was then everyone would be a manager. At times the way forward offers such challenges that instinctively you begin to question what you are doing and why you are doing it.

As a leader you must step through the fear, confusion and uncertainty to make the best possible decisions that you can. This involves being clear on the risks that you are facing so that you live and act courageously.

There are many ways that we can all act courageously and unlock courage within ourselves: some of these ideas are presented below.

  • Believe in a higher purpose: courage comes easy if you are prepared to fight for, and fully support, something that you really believe in. having a strong emotional commitment to an idea or principle will spur you on. Experiencing failure feeds this drive and will make you even more committed, and enthusiastic, to see the goal fulfilled.
  • Draw strength from others: having support from others and caring for them is a strong source of courage and determination in many different contexts. This is closely linked to your social and professional circles where the views and passion of others will drive you to deliver and show courage in your approach to problems and issues. People without a strong group or social focus generally are not as courageous as those with a social focus as they have more to lose.
  • Harnessing Frustration and Anger: anger and frustration can motivate you to make courageous and determined courses of action which put a fear of failure out of view. Similarly, your fear of embarrassment or the fear that others will not like or respect you disappear. Frustration promotes a drive to show people exactly what you can do and that what people have seen so far is not what you can achieve. Anger, in moderate amounts, is healthy and will push you on to move forward.
  • Taking small, measured steps: taking courage is normally something that comes because of some determined action or thought process, rather than it being an instantaneous and spur-of-the-moment feeling. The trick here is to decide upon a measured course of action and then to put this into action. Courageous people are not obsessive risk-takers, in things for the thrill. Rather they have developed the skills and resources that the need to stand up for an issue or to chase a tough course of action that they believe to be right. Very importantly courageous people inspire those around them through their behaviour patterns and norms.

The next time that you are faced with a situation that you need to change consider how increasing your courage and determination can be used to work through this barrier.

Good Luck!

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