How To Deliver Improvements That Last – Broken Window Philosophy

How To Deliver Improvements That Last – Broken Window Philosophy

Whatever the context we all want to make improvements in every aspect of our lives and work: there has never been a totally fulfilled and content individual. We are wired to always want more, for things to be bigger, better, somehow more satisfying.

The process is continual: the next promotion, the next home, the next car and so on.

The trick is to adopt a Broken Window Philosophy. Suppose you want to improve the look and feel of a local community centre which has fallen into disrepair: you could spend a lot of time and money in a massive redecoration and refurbishment programme which may, or may not, work.

What makes a lot more sense is to start off with something small but which is highly visible: replacing broken windows immediately changes the appearance of the building, sends a message that is clearly seen and which acts as a Signal of Intent for further changes that are coming.

The delivery of huge, immediate change in any organisation, or in anyone’s life, is rarely successful because they are just not sustainable. Small, bit by bit, incremental change that is visible gathers momentum and gives you the drive to make further positive and sustainable improvements.

Good Luck!

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