The Six Skills Of Assertion

The Six Skills Of Assertion

We need to make sure that we do not become either Aggressive or Passive as either of these extremes indicates poor management style as we are not really in control of the working environment.

A very sensible and effective middle-ground is to practice good-quality Assertion.

Assertion shows that you have a clear focus and that you are in control.

Assertion is delivered through the following Six Skills:

  1. Concentrating on facts and not feelings.
  2. Concentrating on issues and not personalities.
  3. Questioning techniques and the choice and use of language can be very important.
  4. Phrasing statements in a neutral way.
  5. Avoiding leading statements or questions that may discourage participants from offering their opinions and raising relevant points.
  6. Considering very carefully the tone of your voice and the use of your body language.

Good Luck!

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