Monday Morning Quality Improvements

Monday Morning Quality Improvements

Make Monday the day when you consciously change things that are either getting you down or try to refocus in terms of the quality of your outputs.

Firstly, identify something that you want to change or do to improve the quality of what you are doing – start with something relatively small to get a quick win. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How will I improve the situation or issue? (What steps could you take to deliver a difference?).
  2. How will I then measure the improvement? (What will the improvement feel and look like?).
  3. Who will see a difference in the change I am making and how will this be measured? (This could be colleagues seeing a very different you with a new and more motivated approach to tasks, but this could also be measured in terms of customer satisfaction and increased sales, more referrals, whatever positive outcomes you deliver!).
  4. How will they monitor my performance? (Make sure that you get regular feedback so that the changes you have introduced become embedded into how you conduct yourself and how you do business).

Once you have a quick win or success, move onto a bigger and more challenging issue that you want to change, taking care to reflect upon your earlier success and to keep applying those strategies that worked well for you when you started out on this path.

Use Monday as the springboard into new challenges!

Good Luck!

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