Leaders and Communication – Be A Communication Guardian

Leaders and Communication – Be A Communication Guardian

Leaders communicate the big picture: the vision rather than small bits and pieces of a fragmented message. A good Leader is a Communication Guardian because he or she takes communication seriously and recognises it as part of a range of skills that they need to succeed.

Communication at senior levels is all about building trust, maintaining trust and gaining commitment to the organisation’s goals. It is the primary job of the Leader to ensure that the vision and strategy are deeply understood by all the employees working in the organisation; if this does not happen the risk of failure increases dramatically. Once embedded the staff all push in the right direction and daily decisions are all linked to achieving the right corporate targets.

Good leaders also give sense to the activities of the organisation through careful and considered communication to inspire and encourage. This involves the trappings of the job (meetings, speeches, etc) but more importantly it involves walking the floor and engaging with different levels of staff and spreading the word.

The Communication Guardian practices the following every day:

  • Having Strategic Conversations: asking questions, actively listening to others, encouraging open questions and conversations, using candour and honesty, using Stories to illustrate points that need regular amplification and development
  • Making sure that communication has a direction: their communication publicises and promotes the contents of the vision and the strategy so that everyone is clear why they are doing their jobs
  • Using a variety of communication methods: this involves both formal and informal communication channels, verbal and non-verbal messaging systems and the strong use of symbolic language and behaviour to get the message across.

Conduct a quick self-audit of your communication approach – are you a true Communication Guardian or are you just playing at it? If you are not yet a Guardian, it is time to change!

Successful Leaders in successful organisations know how to communicate ad use this every day to ensure that their people are focused and are following the vision and strategy of the company.

Good Luck!

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