How To Communicate In A Crisis

How To Communicate In A Crisis

There are 4 Basic Crisis Communication Rules that should NEVER be broken:

  1. Stay calm: you should never get drawn into the emotion of the situation, however tempting it might be. Stay aloof. Absorb the feelings of others around you and be cooler than just merely cool.
  2. Be visible and supportive: never underestimate the importance of leaders and managers in times of crisis. Step out immediately the crisis breaks to reassure your staff and to respond to the concerns of stakeholders and the public.
  3. Be totally honest: tell the truth. Get hold of the facts and communicate the truth, however bad it might be.
  4. Set a vision for the future: the crisis will not last for ever. People must have something to look forward to. Use the moment to reframe the vision for the future.

Good Luck!

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