What Leadership Skills Do I Need? – The Top 25

  1. Energy: seeing things through to a conclusion.
  2. Passion: getting things done.
  3. Humility: allowing staff to take the credit for successes and recognising your own limitations.
  4. Stamina: the ability to push on.
  5. Intelligence: understanding issues and seeing beyond the immediate situation.
  6. Knowledge: understanding and applying key chunks of knowledge to a range of tasks.
  7. Judgement: being decisive about issues and problems. Being decisive.
  8. Optimism: looking and seeking out the positives in issues and problems.
  9. Cheerfulness: looking on the positives of issues and encouraging others.
  10. Self-confidence: being assured even when you might not feel it!
  11. Honesty and integrity: making sure that the “right” path is chosen and stuck with.
  12. Charisma: having an air around you that encourages others, and which draws them to you!
  13. Desire to lead: being comfortable with the role and developing the performance.
  14. Independence: knowing your own mind and sticking to it. Taking on other’s views but maintaining your own view.
  15. Sociability: working with others and being part of a team.
  16. Cooperativeness: being comfortable and working collaboratively.
  17. Enlisting others: working to recruit colleagues in projects and tasks rather than working alone and promoting silo management.
  18. Being Diplomatic: using skills of tact to maximum effect.
  19. Drive: having a desire to succeed and excel.
  20. Dependability: letting others know that you deliver on promises.
  21. Quick-thinking: the ability to act quickly and effectively.
  22. Perseverance: sticking to tasks and being determined to reach a conclusion.
  23. Tenacity: getting into the issue and uncovering all the detail to allow you to make an excellent decision.
  24. Education and Training: having a commitment to ongoing development.
  25. Mobility: knowing that your current role is not the end of your career and that bigger challenges are always just around the corner.

Good Luck!

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