8 Rules For Excellent Management Behaviour

  1. Coach your staff – get them to do what you can do!
  2. Never ever micromanage – management is all about empowering staff to excel and grow.
  3. Be interested in the welfare and support of your staff – things that happen outside work always impact inside work. Be concerned and supportive.
  4. Have a result focus because your manager will have a result focus. Make sure that your staff know that results are essential.
  5. Make sure that your communication skills are as good as they possibly can be. Never forget to listen twice as much as you speak.
  6. Set challenging tasks that promote the development of your staff. Try, if possible, to almost make yourself redundant through the skill-sets of your team members!
  7. Have a clear Vision of the future and a well-written strategy for both yourself and the team.
  8. Make sure that your technical skills are current and valid so that you can contribute to what your team is trying to achieve.

Practice the Rules and deliver against the Rules consistently and carefully. Always.

Good Luck!

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