10 Gold-plated Rules For Management Success

10 Gold-plated Rules For Management Success

  1. Never take unfair advantage – even of an enemy.
  2. Never go back on your word or betray a trust.
  3. Always tell the truth – however tempting it might be not to do so.
  4. Be respectful to those who do not have the power that you do.
  5. Be free from any kind of prejudice.
  6. Always be willing to help staff who are in difficulty or trouble.
  7. Be a good role model in terms of your approach to the organisation and to tasks allocated to you.
  8. Be clean in terms of your language, thought, speech and actions.
  9. Respect the rules of the organisation even if you consider them to be outdated or frustrating.
  10. Always be a strong representative of your Department and the wider organisation.

Living by the Rules will speed your career and earn you respect.

Good Luck!

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