How Am I Doing As A Manager?

How Am I Doing As A Manager?

We all need some reflection and review on how we are performing in the job but this needs to be done by colleagues that you trust, whose opinions you value and who will tell you things actually as they are and not some sugar-coated version which gives you nothing to work with.

Such a review process needs to fit outside the formal Appraisal system – what is needed is a more flexible and operational view of your style and presence.

Firstly, select very carefully who is willing to help you with the task, be clear how you want the feedback to be delivered or written and then set the questions that will give you the maximum amount of information that you can work with. Try the following:

  1. Do I vary my management style according to the situation? What are my relative strengths and weaknesses here?
  2. Do I adopt an Autocratic or Democratic style when dealing with staff and it is apparent that I deal with certain staff in a certain manner?
  3. When dealing with conflict am I measured and considered or do I act irrationally and make poor decisions?
  4. Am I non-assertive, assertive or aggressive in my daily operations?
  5. Am I reactive or proactive in my managerial style?
  6. Am I a generic manager or a specialist in my approach to problems and issues?
  7. Do I generally get on with tasks myself, do I delegate what seems to be everything possible or am I somewhere in-between?
  8. When I run meetings am I concerned with process and getting things done or is my style more about encouraging contributions from everyone?
  9. How effective is my style and approach? What can I do to improve this?
  10. What behavioural changes should I be making to improve my managerial style?

The fuller and honest the answers the more you can improve and increase your effectiveness and efficiency.

Good Luck!

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