How To Deal With ANY Difficult Situation

How To Deal With ANY Difficult Situation

Never rush in to solve a problem as this is the pathway to more problems!

Keep calm and use the following 7 Pointers to sort and resolve the issue(s):

  1. Establish the Facts. It is very easy to dive into a solution that appears immediately. Unless this is a problem that requires IMMEDIATE action take time to establish the facts, rather than gossip and here say.
  2. Ask as many questions as possible. These should preferably be questions that require an answer that is not a simple yes or no! This will get you to the core of the problem or situation quickly but be determined to ask more questions based on the responses that you receive.
  3. Actively listen. Never take anything at face value and avoid jumping in to make a quick decision based on your feelings or a simple hunch.
  4. Never pre-judge. We are all prone to this based on our experiences and opinions. Bias will steer you away from the truth and in getting to the bottom of the real problem.
  5. Keep up a professional stance always. Always think of how you would want to be dealt with and how you might feel if challenged or questioned in this matter.
  6. Think in terms of win-win. Nobody likes to feel that they have lost in a conflict or difficult set of circumstances. It might be very satisfying to “win” but if you must deal with the other party on a regular basis this will make that working relationship strained and very difficult.
  7. There is never a perfect resolution and there is no “one-size-fits-all”. Every situation is unique and while looking for common ground is a very sensible approach recognise that each situation is different.

Good Luck!

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